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The Etruscan site at Poggio Colla was first vaguely mentioned during the last century. The site was only excavated from 1968 to 1972 by the "Soprintendenza Archeologica per la Toscana". As from 1995 the site was excavated and studiens were carried out by an équipe from the American Universities.

They found remains from two periods: the first archaic with monumental architecture, probably a sacred building, the second, hellenistic, comprises of a surrounding wall, warehouses and other rooms of a building not yet identified.

After the destructions of this building Poggio Colla was completely abbandoned. The material discovered, mainly fragmented pieces of ceramic shows us especially the archaic period a great variety of decoration and shapes which indicates the wealth and the importance of the site.The typical etruscan bucchero was found in great quantities of a vast typology which in many cases were exactly the same as those excavated in a Florentine zone (Comeana, Artimino, Quinto Fiorentino), as well as in the Mugello sites. There are numerous imported ceramic fragments also from Grece. The whole vast area around Poggio Colla shows notable signs of the Etruscan period.

At the present moment the excavated material is being restored and analysed awaiting exibition in the local museum.

An annual excavation update is pubblished and copies can be obtained from the Town Hall of Vicchio or from the Archeological Group.

At the present moment as the archeological zone is backfilled annually the site can only be visited normally during the excavation period of June and July. In particular during the July period, the Town Hall, the Archeological Group and the American Universities organize visit and conference.

For information: Archeological Group of Vicchio (mr.Santoni) 0039-55-8448682

During the excavation period daily news bulletins can be found on Internet:


E-mail: zoomedia

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